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Who needs an account?

TL;DR If you don't plan to contribute in the near future, there is no need to give away your valuable private data by creating yet another account. Only users who want to contribute content to the portal need to register.

All information on this portal is free and open!

The target of the Pd portal is to provide a platform for the community to exchange content, rather than collecting a large stock of profiles (and use that to make money).

If you want to download Pd (and friends), you can do so without an account. If you are looking for documentation or help, you also do not need an account. All information on this website is freely available!

If you don't plan to contribute but wish to stay in touch, ask advice, exchange ideas etc., check:

On the other hand, you will need to register if you

  • want to share your homegrown super-synth (or other applications/patches),
  • add more documentation or
  • upload your library to deken

To conclude: Anonymous users will have full read-access to the content. For write-access you have to log in, so you need an account. Please note that all content is associated with the account that created it, and that users have full responsibility for the content they upload. We reserve the right to remove content that might impose legal threats on the portal, the community and/or the hoster, as well as spam.

Protect your privacy!

Personal Details
Enter full name, eg. John Smith.
Enter a user name, usually something like 'jsmith'. No spaces or special characters. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, make sure the caps lock key is not enabled. This is the name used to log in.
Enter an email address. This is necessary in case the password is lost. We respect your privacy, and will not give the address away to any third parties or expose it anywhere.
Please tell us why you need an account on the portal.
Please proof that you are a human being by typing the text in the image into the input field. If you have problems with this test, please contact the site-administrator for further advice.
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Automatic Registration is currently disabled. Your request will be passed to the portal administrators.

Once your registration has been approved, a password will be generated and e-mailed to you to complete the registration process.

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