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sssad is Stupidsupersimplistic State Saving ADVANCED

Current release

No stable release available yet.

If you are interested in getting the source code of this project, you can get it from the code repository.

Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

[sssad] is an abstraction to simplify saving of data inside a Pd patch to a file. See [sssad-help] for a reference, and [sssad-example] for how to use it.


[sssad] was written by Frank Barknecht <> and was inspired from a discussion about Max's [pv] and [pvar] objects on pd-list brought up by "Item State". Filtering out duplicates when saving data uses an approach by Enrique Erne. More help came from Luke Iannini.

Older versions internally it used the helper abstractions in the "_sssad/" subdirectory: [singleton] which goes back to an idea by Enrique Erne and IOhannes m zmoelnig plus [list_argument] which was ripped of from Hans-Christoph Steiner's [float_argument]. Those are not used anymore and only kept for historic reasons, and will be deleted when they've found another place.


Check "svn log" for full details.

Some milesstones:

* 2008-08-04: added non-global send/receive pair that uses $2. Now requires Pd >= 0.40
* 2008-07-29: no saving of uninitialized data
* 2008-07-27: removed dependency on singleton.pd as suggested by Enrique Erne
* 2008-07-21: filter out empty lists

by Frank Barknecht last modified 2012-11-15 05:50 AM

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