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soundhack plugins as Pd objects

Current release: soundhack 0.0.8

Released 2011-11-15 — tested with pd 0.41, pd 0.42, pd 0.43

individual objects

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64-bit amd64/x86_64

Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

I’ve spent much of my time creating free tools for electronic music and audio engineering, starting in 1991 with SoundHack and more lately with a series of plugins and externals for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Most of these tools have been created for my own use in the studio, or to illustrate concepts (+decimate, +chebyshev) or techniques (+delay, +bubbler, etc.) to my computer music programming class.

William Brent, Daniel Arias, Bryan Oczkowski, Trevor LeVieux and I have been spending some of the last two summers porting the SoundHack plugins to Pd and Max/MSP format. We have now ported 11 plugins to Pd (Macintosh, Windows and Linux) and Max/MSP (Macintosh and Windows). Version 7 features +binaural, +morphfilter, +spectralcompand, +spectralgate, +decimate, +chebyshev, +matrix, +compand, +delay, +pitchdelay and +bubbler.

These are compiled externals with help files. Please send any bug report back to support [at] Thanks!

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