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Real Time Composition Library

Current release

No stable release available yet.

Experimental releases

Upcoming and alpha/beta/candidate releases

  • Alpha releases should only be used for testing and development.
  • Beta releases and Release Candidates are normally released for production testing, but should not be used on mission-critical sites.
  • Always install on a separate test server first, and make sure you have proper backups before installing.
RTC-lib 4.1 (Unreleased)
release 4.1

Project Description

Project resources

This software library - a collection of patches and externals for Max/MSP - offers the possibility to experiment with a number of compositional techniques, such as serial procedures, permutations and controlled randomness. Most of these objects are geared towards straightforward processing of data. By using these specialized objects together in a patch, programming becomes much more clear and easy. Many functions that are often useful in algorithmic composition are provided with this library - therefore the composer could concentrate rather on the composition than the programming aspects.

Originally, the Real Time Composition Library (RTC-lib) was developed during my extensive work on Lexikon-Sonate (1992 ff.), an interactive realtime composition for computer-controlled piano which I started at IRCAM, Paris in 1992.

Regardless the fact that it was conceived for a specific project it became more and more obvious that its functionalities are open and generic enough to be used by other composers in different compositional contexts. Based on paradigms which have been extracted from serial thinking (cf. Gottfried Michael Koenig and Karlheinz Stockhausen) and its further development until nowadays it does not force towards a certain aesthetic, but provides a programming environment for testing and developing compositional strategies.

The Real Time Composition Library comes with a Hypertext-like on-line help which allows to have a perfect overview on the library objects and their multiple relationships. Thanks to Richard Dudas (Cycling74), Peter Elsea (University of California, Santa Cruz), Serge Lemouton (IRCAM, Paris) and jasch who have ported the RTC-lib's externals to OSX.

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