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a big collection of useful Pd object for creating rjdj audio synthesis scenes

Current release: rjlib 0.0

Released 2012-02-21 — tested with pd 0.41, pd 0.42, pd 0.43

rolling release straight from git master

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Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

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In this directory you will find various objects to use in RjDj.


The main subfolder here is "rj" that includes the rj abstraction library that you can freely copy into you scene directory. It has it's own README so check that out.


These are abstractions that you should copy somewhere into your Pd search path.


Here you will find the source code for some externals that are included in the RjDj mobile app. Some only run on the phone, but some you can also compile to run on your composition machine.


These files should not be used anymore. They used to be part of the mobile app and may be required when running some scenes, but please don't make new ones that rely on the files being available.

(Of course you can still use the abstractions by making a copy to your scene directory.)


The rj-subdirectory of RjLib includes a big collection of useful Pd object for creating scenes. To get an overview you should open the file rj/OVERVIEW.pd. The abstractions can be freely distributed according to the GPL v3 rsp. the “Standard Improved BSD License” known from Pd itself. Which license applies is indicated by a subpatch in each abstraction. See the file source:trunk/rjlib/rj/LICENSE.txt for the full license texts.

These abstraction are all in a directory called “rj” which can be used as a prefix in order to distinguish between rjlib abstractions and abstractions which are used from the scene directory directly. In order to make things shorter we refer to the abstraction by their name (without the rj prefix) in this document.

All abstraction that will be directly used have a type prefix, where the current types are as follows:

  • s_* synthesizers and instruments
  • m_* mapping objects (translate events into parameters of synths and effects)
  • e_* effects and filters
  • c_* control data generation objects
  • u_* utilities
  • g_* GUI objects

For each section, there is a textfile briefly listing the objects and a short description like this:

s_blsaw – bandlimited sawtooth wave s_blsquare – bandlimited square wave with PWM …

This is used to dynamically generate an object’s listing in rj/OVERVIEW.pd

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