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Pure Data 0.48-0

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Pure Data
the summer 2017 release

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Pure Data 0.48-0 for Windows (8MB)

Windows Installer

Get Pure Data 0.48-0 for Windows (8 MB)

Windows portable ZIP archive

Get Pure Data 0.48-0 for Mac OS X (4 MB)

Intel/32bit "i386" (works with older externals libraries)

Get Pure Data 0.48-0 for Mac OS X (7 MB)

PowerPC/32bit "ppc"

Get Pure Data 0.48-0 for Debian GNU/Linux

official Debian package ("apt-get")

Change log

It's possible to save and recall "settings" to files, and/or to erase
system settings. On PCs, the settings are now stored in the "user" resource
area (before, it was per-machine, and users who weren't administrators
apparently couldn't save their settings.)

On the first startup, Pd queries the user as to whether to create a
directory such as ~/Doculemnts/Pd and set path to point there. Many updates
were also made to the "path" dialog and deken to better integrate
downloading stuff and path maintanance.

The expr family (expr, expr~, fexpr~) got an update from Shahrokh Yadegari,
and the help file was reorganized and updated by Alexandre Porres. Many
more math functions are supported, and the parser was updated so that
expressions using "if" skip evaluating the argument that isn't used.

New "fudiparse", "fudiformat" objects.

New "list store" object for faster and easier concatenation and splitting
apart of lists.

New notification outlet in "text define" so the patch can know when the
text is changed.

New "text insert" object.

"delwrite~" now has a "clear" message.

"declare -path" inside abstractions was changed so that, if the declaration
isn't an absolute filename, it's relative to the abstraction's directory,
not to the owning patch's directory. This might be considered an
incompatible change; but since the situation with paths declared inside
abstractions has always been so confused, I think nobody will have got away
without editing patches that relied on it as things changed in the past.

But the biggest changes are under the hood. Pd now can manage more than one
running instance, so that it is possible to make plug-ins of various sorts
out of Pd and they can coexist with each other. This will allow people to
write much better VST plug-ins in Pd. I'm grateful to Carlos Eduardo
Batista for much help on this.

The Pd API allows starting and/or shutting down the GUI dynamically while
Pd is running.

Another internal change: the pd~ object now communicates with sub-processes
in binary by default. This increases the numerical accuracy of signal
passing (it should be exact now) and makes the passing back and forth of
audio signals much more efficient.

Thanks to much effort by Dan Wilcox and IOhannes zmölnig, the
compile-and-build system is much improved, especially for Macintosh
computers. One visible effect is that language support is finally working
in the compiled versions.

by IOhannes m zmoelnig last modified 2017-08-25 08:52 AM

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