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library of Pd objects related to GUI control

Current release: moonlib 0.2

Released 2010-11-09 — tested with pd 0.40, pd 0.41, pd 0.42

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Project Description

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Moonlib includes three sub-sections: nilib, which is a kind of wrapper between Pd and Gtk, sublib, which is a collection of gui control objects, and other, which are miscellaneous objects:

  • tabenv: like env~, an enveloppe follower, but computing on a table, so possibly much speeder than real-time env~'s computation
  • tabsort, tabsort2: returns the indices of the sorted table, tabsort2 is bidimentionnal
  • gamme: one octave of a piano keyboard used to filter/choose notes in a selected scale
  • absolutepath/relativepath: to use files (sounds, texts, presets, images, programs...) nested in the patch's directory (and in subdirs)
  • sarray and slist: to creates shared dynamic arrays or lists with symbols
  • sfread2~ and readsfv~: to pitch the direct-from-disk reading of sound files
  • dinlet~: an inlet~ with a default value (when nothing is connected to it)
  • mknob: a round knob ala iemgui vslider (with its "properties" window)
  • dispatch: creates one bus name for many buttons' buses: from the N pairs (slider1-snd/slider1-rcv) ... (sliderN-snd/sliderN-rcv), creates only one pair of buses named (slider-snd/slider-rcv), in which datas are prepended by the number of the "sub-bus"
  • image: an improvment of Guenter Geiger's one. Same name, but it's compatible. Here you can share images through different objects, preload a list of images, and animate this list.
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