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maxlib 1.5.4

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build system fixes and meta data for help patches

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Change log

2011-10-03 04:28  eighthave

	* Makefile: updated template/Makefile to 1.0.11

2011-08-19 17:34  eighthave

	* Makefile: updated Makefile to latest template version to get
	  things building on Debian/kFreeBSD and Debian/HURD

2011-02-11 14:57  eighthave

	* Makefile: NDK_TOOLCHAIN is used by Android NDK for something
	  else, so rename to NDK_TOOLCHAIN_BASE

2011-02-08 17:43  eighthave

	* Makefile: updated Makefile to get Android support

2010-11-22 01:54  eighthave

	* Makefile: re-added "/pd" to -I"$(PD_INCLUDE)/pd" to support the
	  header location for 0.43

2010-11-16 06:37  jancsika1

	* allow-help.pd, arbran-help.pd, arraycopy-help.pd,
	  average-help.pd, beat-help.pd, beta-help.pd, bilex-help.pd,
	  borax-help.pd, cauchy-help.pd, chord-help.pd, delta-help.pd,
	  deny-help.pd, dist-help.pd, divide-help.pd, divmod-help.pd,
	  edge-help.pd, expo-help.pd, fifo-help.pd, gauss-help.pd,
	  gestalt-help.pd, history-help.pd, ignore-help.pd, iso-help.pd,
	  lifo-help.pd, limit-help.pd, linear-help.pd, listfifo-help.pd,
	  listfunnel-help.pd, match-help.pd, minus-help.pd, mlife-help.pd,
	  multi-help.pd, nchange-help.pd, netclient-help.pd,
	  netdist-help.pd, netrec-help.pd, netserver-help.pd,
	  nroute-help.pd, pitch-help.pd, plus-help.pd, poisson-help.pd,
	  pong-help.pd, pulse-help.pd, remote-help.pd, rewrap-help.pd,
	  rhythm-help.pd, scale-help.pd, score-help.pd, speedlim-help.pd,
	  split-help.pd, step-help.pd, subst-help.pd, sync-help.pd,
	  temperature-help.pd, tilt-help.pd, timebang-help.pd,
	  triang-help.pd, unroute-help.pd, urn-help.pd, velocity-help.pd,
	  weibull-help.pd, wrap-help.pd: added META subpatch
by Hans-Christoph Steiner last modified 2011-12-29 03:18 AM

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