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KIOSK mode for Pure Data disables editing of patches and more

Current release: KIOSK-plugin 1.0

Released 2011-03-01 — tested with pd 0.43

initial release

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Get KIOSK-plugin for All platforms (4.3 kB)

Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

KIOSK mode allows you to enable one or more of the following features

  • hiding the main Pd-window
  • disabling the menu bar in the patch window
  • making a patch window to be shown at fullsreen
  • setting a window name for the patch window (independent of the patch name)
  • prevent closing of patch windows (using Alt-F4, clicking on the "Close Window" icon, et al.)
  • quit Pd when a patch window is closed
  • disable the (right click) context menu
  • disable key-bindings (like Ctrl-N)
  • prevent scroll bars from appearing, even if the patch content does not fit on a single window
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