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hid 0.7

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bugfix release

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Change log

2010-12-21 21:29  eighthave

	* README.txt, debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/links: two
	  steps closer to a debian package

2010-12-21 21:11  eighthave

	* HID Utilities Source/LICENSE.txt, LICENSE.txt, Makefile, README,
	  README.txt, debian, debian/changelog, debian/control,
	  debian/copyright, debian/links, debian/rules, debian/watch, doc:
	  rammed [hid] into the template Makefile and started debianizing

2010-12-21 20:03  eighthave

	* Makefile: removed old Makefile to make way for template-derived

2010-12-13 13:55  jancsika1

	* buttongate-help.pd, deg2hid-help.pd, deg2hid.pd, hid-help.pd,
	  hid2deg-help.pd, hid2deg.pd, hid2rad-help.pd, hid2rad.pd,
	  hid_average-help.pd, hid_average.pd, hid_centered-help.pd,
	  hid_centered.pd, hid_cube-help.pd, hid_cube.pd,
	  hid_cuberoot-help.pd, hid_exp-help.pd, hid_exp.pd,
	  hid_graph-help.pd, hid_invert-help.pd, hid_log-help.pd,
	  hid_lowpass-help.pd, hid_menu-help.pd, hid_one2four-help.pd,
	  hid_one2three-help.pd, hid_one2two-help.pd, hid_polar-help.pd,
	  hid_rel2abs-help.pd, hid_smooth-help.pd, hid_spiral-help.pd,
	  hid_square-help.pd, hid_squareroot-help.pd, joystick-help.pd,
	  keyboard-help.pd, keygate-help.pd, mouse-help.pd,
	  notescale-help.pd, rad2hid-help.pd: added META subpatch and fixed
	  a bunch of broken connections

2010-11-10 02:55  eighthave

	* .: moved [hid] into the root of 'externals' and out of

2010-09-17 17:11  eighthave

	* merged relevant changes from Pd-extended 0.42

2010-04-19 05:02  eighthave

	* make [hid] into a libdir-ish folder like earplug~ and freeverb~,
	  and make sure hid-help.pd gets installed

2009-04-18 03:53  eighthave

	* switched device-specific objects to use the device-specific 'open
	  mouse' and 'open joystick' messages

2009-04-18 03:50  eighthave

	* fixed crasher bug with mouse-help patch and made [mouse] use the
	  [open mouse ( message for [hid]

2009-04-18 03:29  eighthave

	* purged broken link for all_about_hid_mapping

2009-01-27 00:21  eighthave

	* changed to GPL v3

2008-08-27 22:27  eighthave

	* merged in relevant changes from the v0-40 pd-extended release

2008-06-19 13:50  zmoelnig

	* removed the svn:executable bit for code, patches and text

2008-05-04 14:30  eighthave

	* cleaned up patch to make it more presentable

2006-12-20 16:24  eighthave

	* fixed sloppy global variable declarations so that things compile
	  properly with full compiler optimizations

2006-12-04 00:34  eighthave

	* fixed Apple's sloppy use of case in #includes (from patch 1608063
	  submitted by kunowoudt)

2006-11-25 17:02  eighthave

	* turn off excess debug messages on Mac OS X

2006-11-25 17:02  eighthave

	* updated to work with current Pd-extended

2006-09-22 05:05  eighthave

	* fixed pointer bug that was preventing proper creation of the
	  element array. Now it outputs data properly on Linux

2006-09-22 03:12  eighthave

	* [linuxhid] is now an obsolete idea, so delete this cruft

2006-08-27 03:21  eighthave

	* got to get those pesky declarations all clear

2006-08-25 01:41  eighthave

	* code cleanups, replaced sprintf() for snprintf() for security's

2006-08-22 04:13  eighthave

	* everything is building, the element array is being properly
	  populated, I just need to fix the data output to use the new
	  element array

2006-08-15 01:50  eighthave

	* - renamed variables for clarity
	  - added section to test the new instance tracking in output

2006-07-09 21:39  eighthave

	* added note about deprecated makefile

2006-06-02 23:41  eighthave

	* first attempt at having one instance do all of the device
	  polling, based on clock_getlogicaltime(). It works for multiple
	  instances in one patch, but does not work for multiple instances
	  in different patches (i.e. they both still seem to get events...)

2006-06-02 21:32  eighthave

	* added a bunch more status info in the Pd domain: device count,
	  range for each element, etc

2006-06-02 20:06  eighthave

	* ripped out old method of get events and build whole new method
	  which should use a lot less CPU; its now based on arrays of
	  structs that are built before running. There is a 2D array for
	  (device,element) struct, t_hid_element, which holds the output
	  symbols, thus eliminating symbol lookups for each event that is
	  outputted; its Mac OS X only write now, GNU/Linux will come

2006-05-28 20:13  eighthave

	* On Mac OSX, replaced hid_get_device_by_number() by a global array
	  of pointers, it should reduce the CPU load noticably. next I need
	  to handle elements independently

2006-05-28 01:05  eighthave

	* compiles and works on GNU/Linux now, but needs to have the new
	  open methods implemented

2006-05-27 23:12  eighthave

	* added some status reporting, and got all the different methods
	  for opening working on Mac OS X; time to fix GNU/Linux now...

2006-05-27 16:41  eighthave

	* new open-by methods seem to be working properly

2006-05-27 00:57  eighthave

	* seemed to fix the mac crasher bug caused by HIDReleaseBuildList
	  wierdness; cleaned up things a bit and made it possible to open
	  devices by type

2006-05-26 14:31  eighthave

	* thought I'd check in a working(?) version of this makefile before
	  I wipe it and use externals/Makefile

2006-04-06 16:50  zmoelnig

	* wow! how did this object survive that long with event_names
	  restricted to 7 characters and simply ignoring this when writing
	  to the memory?
	  I exchanged (char hid_name[7]) by (t_symbol* hid_name), so now we
	  can have event_names of arbitrary length without crashing.
	  furthermore i prepend "key_" to Georg's key_names and made them
	  static, so we don't have to do this each time we need one of

2006-04-06 15:55  zmoelnig

	* only include Makefile.buildlayout if it is available; this allows
	  us to build hid even if you don't have everything checked out
	  with something like: "OS_NAME=linux make all"

2006-03-17 04:58  eighthave

	* changed [pddp] object tp [pddp( message to disable the [pddp]
	  object, which causes crashes

2006-03-17 04:57  eighthave

	* I think it was cleaned up a bit, but I made the changes so long
	  ago, I forgot

2006-02-06 21:18  eighthave

	* added input_arrays.? files which are generated from
	  ./ since it makes building [hid] so
	  much easier

2006-01-25 08:40  eighthave

	* stopped outputting EV_SYN events since they are not needed in Pd
	  space and they cause troubles; cleaned up all warnings

2006-01-24 17:44  eighthave

	* SYN_MAX is not set in linux/input.h and there are only two event
	  codes listed. But the kernel actually puts out a lot of different
	  SYN events. So this script now generates a ev_syn array with 512
	  init'ed items in the array. That should stop the sigfaults, but
	  it might be a hack

2005-12-19 20:40  eighthave

	* got the basic sketch working, but now I have to figure out the
	  hid.dll nameclash issue... arg

2005-06-27 00:27  eighthave

	* made 0.6 release

2005-06-11 05:01  eighthave

	* added barebones ff function to linux file so that it'll work

2005-06-11 03:04  eighthave

	* - imported linux/input.h from linux kernel source
	  - now input_arrays have fake names instead of NULL to prevent

2005-06-10 20:17  eighthave

	* - got ff_autocenter and ff_gain working fine, now its time for
	  some actual

2005-06-10 20:16  eighthave

	* preliminary sketch for making [mouse] output 0,0 when no
	  activity. the OS
	  delivers no data when the mouse isn't moving, this makes it very
	  difficult to
	  use the relative axes data as a controller since the last value
	  would be the
	  last time the mouse moved, so the parameter being controlled by a
	  axis will stick at the last value when the mouse is still.

2005-06-10 03:49  eighthave

	* removed dylib project since [hid] is linked statically for
	  simplicity's sake

2005-06-10 03:45  eighthave

	* changed the 'menu' msg to 'options' to make things more

2005-06-10 03:43  eighthave

	* got things compiling with ImmrHIDUtilAddOn; looks like there is a
	  newer version of HID Utilities which Apple hasn't released yet.
	  The ones in FFB must be part of that newer version since they
	  don't match version 3.7

2005-06-10 03:12  eighthave

	* This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in
	  which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default

2005-06-09 21:54  eighthave

	* changed optimization settings

2005-06-09 21:42  eighthave

	* This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in
	  which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default

2005-06-06 22:39  eighthave

	* - cleaned up CFLAGS and tried higher optimization, which failed
	  to build
	  - implemented a second outlet which outputs data upon [refresh(
	  to build a
	  popup menu to select the device by name using a [popup]. This
	  uncovered a
	  bug, which is not fixed, it seems that everytime you open a
	  device, that
	  device gets added again to the list of devices

2005-06-04 15:56  eighthave

	* updated joystick support on Mac OS X so that joystick twist is
	  set to abs_rz and throttle is set to abs_throttle even when
	  devices use different code pages (USB HID spec sucks!); minor
	  code cleanups

2005-06-04 15:51  eighthave

	* updated joystick support on Mac OS X so that joystick twist is
	  set to abs_rz and throttle is set to abs_throttle even when
	  devices use different code pages (USB HID spec sucks!); minor
	  code cleanups

2005-05-25 19:12  eighthave

	* changed make stuff to reflect that the *-help.pd files were moved
	  to doc/ in the CVS repository

2005-05-25 19:10  eighthave

	* created object to calculate a vector based on dx/dy input;
	  switched [hid_polar] to use this object as its core logic

2005-05-24 00:39  eighthave

	* got [hid_graph] fully functional; added helpfiles for all curve

2005-05-21 02:41  eighthave

	* added and updated comments

2005-05-20 20:44  eighthave

	* created header so that [linuxhid] can share code

2005-05-20 20:42  eighthave

	* updated math to generate proper curves

2005-05-20 20:04  eighthave

	* updated help files and objects for smoothing, average, and

2005-05-20 20:01  eighthave

	* the object now resets the output to zero when data isn't detected
	  within 50 ms

2005-05-20 19:58  eighthave

	* got rid of some minor warnings

2005-04-28 05:56  eighthave

	* removed the timestamp from the output

2005-04-28 05:54  eighthave

	* added input range limiting

2005-04-28 04:29  eighthave

	* switched Linux to use common hid_output_event()

2005-04-28 00:34  eighthave

	* whipped out a 1-to-4 mapping object...

2005-04-26 04:44  eighthave

	* added input range limiting

2005-04-26 04:44  eighthave

	* added copyleft and cleaned up to look good

2005-04-26 03:50  eighthave

	* added pddp_open patch to open all_about_ patches without them
	  being abstractions embedded in the help files

2005-04-13 03:47  eighthave

	* - created a suite of hid objects for using polar coordinates and
	  between the range of 0-1 and degrees/radians.
	  - made two joystick/polar examples
	  - added some pretty colors to help patches

2005-04-03 11:56  grholzi

	* added keyboard support for linux (Georg Holzmann)

2005-03-03 20:03  eighthave

	* unconnected error msg injoystick to stop flood of msgs; bumped
	  version number up

2004-12-19 18:22  eighthave

	* added two basic one-to-many mapping objects

2004-12-16 04:42  eighthave

	* some minor cleanups

2004-12-04 18:04  eighthave

	* cleaned up and commented

2004-11-28 23:57  eighthave

	* getting the help files and mapping files dialed in

2004-11-28 20:57  eighthave

	* [notescale] is basically a HID object, but not necessarily, hence
	  no hid_ prefix

2004-11-28 04:59  eighthave

	* updated and cleaned up pd objects and help files; made joystick
	  noise maker subpatch

2004-11-28 02:54  eighthave

	* getting ready for release 0.4

2004-11-28 02:49  eighthave

	* code cleanup and [print( msg implementation

2004-11-28 01:27  eighthave

	* fixed a number of annoying bugs in MacOS X; cleaned up code; now
	  multiple [hid]s work at the same time

2004-11-28 01:26  eighthave

	* converted to 0-1 input range

2004-11-27 19:29  eighthave

	* quick kludge to add more event types for MacOS X, including a
	  test version of keyboard support

2004-11-25 02:43  eighthave

	* created [buttongate] and [keygate] following [gate]

2004-11-20 03:52  eighthave

	* first set of basic mapping objects for [hid]

2004-11-16 05:06  eighthave

	* minor pre-release tweaks

2004-11-16 01:35  eighthave

	* [joystick] is now fully functional on MacOS X

2004-11-15 05:17  eighthave

	* prepping for release, fixed a couple very minor bugs

2004-11-15 04:05  eighthave

	* converted button codes to a numbered scheme; added [buttongate]

2004-11-14 22:29  eighthave

	* removed the ev_ from the types

2004-11-07 16:28  eighthave

	* cleaned up the code a fair amount, but there are still lots of
	  bugs bugs bugs...

2004-11-06 21:21  eighthave

	* added release major and minor version

2004-11-06 21:15  eighthave

	* things are working MacOS X, but there are lots of bugs

2004-11-06 01:03  eighthave

	* mice and joysticks work under MacOS X now, but there is much work
	  left to be done in terms of translating HID Manager to Linux
	  Input events.

2004-11-04 17:24  eighthave

	* cleaned up Darwin side after Linux work; laid out Darwin
	  structure and got device opening working

2004-11-04 00:17  eighthave

	* created general mouse object for rapid prototyping and beginners

2004-10-25 06:01  eighthave

	* completed moving GNU/Linux support into the new structure;
	  flushed out Darwin a bit more

2004-10-23 03:40  eighthave

	* got everything running under GNU/Linux again, time to switch back
	  to MacOS X

2004-10-22 18:49  eighthave

	* more progress generalizing for cross-platformness; Darwin stuff
	  compiles and the object loads, but it doesn't do anything yet

2004-10-22 05:43  eighthave

	* started the process of organizing things for cross-platformness;
	  sketched out MacOS X HID Manager implementation using
	  SuperCollider3's SC_HID.cpp

2004-10-20 02:55  eighthave

	* auto-generated event type/code listings as pd files

2004-10-20 02:06  eighthave

	* first functional first with new outlet format

2004-10-18 21:10  eighthave

	* [hid] now outputs downcased event names from input.h and Makefile
	  should work on MacOSX and GNU/Linux

2004-10-18 04:10  eighthave

	* added linux header

2004-10-18 03:55  eighthave

	* got the input event array going
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