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Gridflow 9.13

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A multidimensional dataflow processing library for PureData, designed for interactive multimedia

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.42
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Mathieu BOUCHARD
Released 2011/02/08

Change log

* added classes [azerty_piano], [hpgl_to_lines], [hpgl_objectbox],
[hpgl_messagebox], [hpgl_from_patch], [#draw_lattice]
* [#expr]: added functions "if", "pow" (numop ** aliased to pow)
* numop1: added fact (factorial or "gamma function" which is not [# gamma])
* numop1: added log2, log10, C.log2, C.log10, unary+
* numop1: aliased log and C.log to ln and C.ln
* numop1: added asin acos atan asinh acosh atanh
* [#]: don't check type of right-grid when one-input operator
* [#]: fix one-input vecop support (complex numbers)
* [#]: don't ask for N elements in right inlet for a one-input operator
* [#expr]: fixed several parsing bugs
* numop2 weight becomes a numop1 (single inlet)
* x11 is now a load-time option
* [#io.x11]: added methods "query_pointer" and "out_size_minimum"
* [route3]: fixed right outlet bug
* parens in messages are no longer parsed automatically as nested-lists.
(parens in objectboxes still are, of course)
* [gf/find_file] now looks up relative names in gridflow/images
even when they contain a slash (or several).
* [gf/error]: added method 'uplevel'
* [#in] and [#out]: in case of unknown suffix, say 'not open' afterwards
* [#redim]: argument defaults to ()
* former numop "atan" renamed to "atan2cd"
* [#inner] and [#convolve]: add seedless mode (without typecheck annoyance)
* [unix_time]: fixed the month number bug
* [#fold]: much faster in the case folding over a dim that has only 1 index
* [#from_pix]: much faster rgba->rgba conversion
* [#from_pix]: added conversion to colorspace y
* [#from_pix]: added conversion from [pix_grey] mode
* osx package gets MMX support (on Intel)
* osx package gets libquicktime support (including encoding)
* the win32 package is back !
* pdp support missing in source package's ./configure (by accident)

by Mathieu Bouchard last modified 2011-11-06 04:48 PM

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