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a library of GUI controls, filters, and more

Current release: ggee 0.26

Released 2010-11-11 — tested with pd 0.41, pd 0.42

updated build system for Debian packaging

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Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

ggee is a library by Guenter Geiger with five sections: control, experimental, filters, gui, and signal.

  • objects for controlling things: constant rl serial_ms sl getdir rtout serial_mt stripdir inv serial_bird shell unserialize qread serialize sinh unwonk
  • experimental synths: fofsynth~ tabwrite4~ pvocfreq
  • objects for controlling filters: bandpass highpass hlshelf lowshelf notch equalizer highshelf lowpass moog~
  • GUI objects: button fatom image sliderh ticker envgen gcanvas slider state toddle
  • manipulating signals: atan2~ mixer~ sfwrite~ streamin~ streamout~
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