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detect onsets, pitches, beats and more

Current release: aubio 0.4

Released 2014-07-02 — tested with pd 0.40, pd 0.41

pd-aubio updated for aubio 0.4.1

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Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

Project resources

aubio is a library to analyse audio signals and extract notes attacks (onsets), notes height (pitches), and beats (tempo).

pd-aubio provides a collection of objects using libaubio to analyse input audio signals:

  • aubioonset~ detect onsets
  • aubiopitch~ detect pitch
  • aubiotempo~ detect tempo (beat tracking)
  • aubiotss~ perform transient / steady-state separation
  • aubioquiet~ detect silence
  • aubiozcr~ compute zero crossing rate
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