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Pd-L2Ork and Purr-Data 20151223

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Linux Laptop Orchestra's pd-l2ork offers a slew of usability improvements and a large collection of 3rd party externals. This is likely the last major release before transitioning from tkpath onto node-webkit renderer. Please note pd-l2ork continues to be developed on a regular basis with over dozen minor releases since the last major release posted on Once again, tons of new updates, most notably expanded K12 module including Raspberry PI GPIO with comprehensive PWM and I2S support, bunch of small improvements and bug fixes (e.g. comments with endlines or iemgui labels with spaces), documentation improvements, and comprehensive Wiimote support using a custom libcwiid fork (included in the source, also available as a separately downloadable tarball) offering interleaved motion plus and expansion data retrieval, as well as recently added support for the new version of MotionPlus Inside wiimotes. Pd-L2Ork is a monolithic release that includes most of the pd-extended libraries in one convenient package with a growing number of externals having their own standardized help files. In this latest version, pd-l2ork can be installed alongside other pd variants and there are no lingering conflicts between various packages.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Pd-L2Ork and Purr-Data 20151223 for Linux (28MB)

Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit deb (also available as a source tarball)

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.44
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Ivica Ico Bukvic
Released 2015/12/23

*-legacy flag that provides 100% backwards compatibility with iemgui objects
*gfsm library
*added support for $0 functionality in messages
*support for Intel Haswell and Skylake CPUs
*ability to use # in labels
*ability to use multiple $n arguments in labels
*fixed bug in keyboard autorepeat and cleaned up [key] object to support autorepeat filtering
*added autotune~ external and its K12 module
*synced cyclone and iem libraries
*other small fixes and cosmetic improvements

Change log

Below is the unedited dump from the git log:

*fixed building of the gfsm library--needs further testing
*added debugging info
*updated iem library with the latest version from the svn to fix receivecanvas error (and possibly others as well)
*fixed typos and aesthetic positioning in the K12 demos and preset.pd
*updated locking mechanism to prevent multiple locks or unlocks in a row, which in turn causes crashes on newer Intel processors.
*further refined legacy mode to match both iemgui and graph-on-parent objects.
*updated forums link as per issue #27 on github
*updated TODO
*updated message-help.pd to reflect the new $0 functionality
*added message object's ability to parse $0 (as per
*added legacy option for iemgui objects. Starting pd-l2ork with -legacy flag positions iemgui objects in their old, vertically inconsistent locations for the sake of retaining complete backwards compatibility.
*added sys_legacy global for inclusion of other potential legacy breakages that may develop later.
*updated edit shortcut for iemgui objects
*moved text in gatoms and objects one pixel up to make it more easily readable (need to check history since I sense this was changed the other way before, perhaps due to RPi font?)
*moved array name one pixel lower, so that it is equidistant from the top and left edges of the array graph.
*further refined escaping $ into # and vice-versa.
*made it possible to use multiple escaping values in a single label and/or array and an object.
*fixed a typo and updated TODO
*updated TODO
*hopefully fixed the # vs $ in the label in a more backwards-compatible way. Now only # follwed by an integer is converted to $. Otherwise, it is treated as a string. Later, consider allowing iemgui objects to have arg location anywhere within the string (like gatoms).
*another autorepeat improvement...
*hopefully fixed autorepeat filtering once and for all
*reverted key autorepeat (still needs more work in terms of detecting the off part)
*improved upon the problematic autorepeat
*made the installer init submodules before building
*cleaned up the help patch
*added autotune to the K12 menu
*added K12 version of the autotune
*replaced $->#->$ escaping in sends/receives/labels and array names with 0x01 (SOH) to allow for labels/names/etc. that consist of only $ or # which should be then treated as simple strings rather than references to variables.
*fixed grammar typos in the coll-help.pd
*another small fix for the fftease so lib
*fixed bug where supporting libraries for lyon externals did not get included, rendering all externals unusable.
*removed patched files for rtcmix since the bug has been fixed upstream
*removed patching step in the
*merged improvements in Fred Jan's new branch of cyclone with pd-l2ork's improvements

by Ivica Ico Bukvic last modified 2015-12-23 07:10 AM

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