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Pd-L2Ork 20151018

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Linux Laptop Orchestra's pd-l2ork offers a slew of usability improvements and a large collection of 3rd party externals. This is likely the last major release before transitioning from tkpath onto node-webkit renderer. Please note pd-l2ork continues to be developed on a regular basis with over dozen minor releases since the last major release posted on Once again, tons of new updates, most notably expanded K12 module including Raspberry PI GPIO with comprehensive PWM and I2S support, bunch of small improvements and bug fixes (e.g. comments with endlines or iemgui labels with spaces), documentation improvements, and comprehensive Wiimote support using a custom libcwiid fork (included in the source, also available as a separately downloadable tarball) offering interleaved motion plus and expansion data retrieval, as well as recently added support for the new version of MotionPlus Inside wiimotes. Pd-L2Ork is a monolithic release that includes most of the pd-extended libraries in one convenient package with a growing number of externals having their own standardized help files. In this latest version, pd-l2ork can be installed alongside other pd variants and there are no lingering conflicts between various packages.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Pd-L2Ork 20151018 for Linux (27MB)

A link to pd-l2ork download page with Ubuntu 14.04 deb packages, and buildable source with instructions

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.44
State Final release
License GPL
Release Manager Ico

*rtcmix~ external
*native lyonpotpourri library
*native fftease library
*new autotune~ external based on the latest version autotalent ladspa plugin and aututuned~ external
*merged latest developments in the cyclone library with pd-l2ork's improvements, including pd-l2ork's threaded coll object that allows loading of large files without xruns
*minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements

Change log

*another small fix for the fftease so lib
*fixed bug where supporting libraries for lyon externals did not get included, rendering all externals unusable.
*removed patched files for rtcmix since the bug has been fixed upstream
*removed patching step in the
*merged improvements in Fred Jan's new branch of cyclone with pd-l2ork's improvements
*typo fixes
*fixed typo regression in the new fftease build script
*added fftease to the build process
*added @pd_help in addition to the existing @pd_extra that can be used for paths
*made pddplink capable of parsing @pd_extra and @pd_help
*updated cyclone help files to take advantage of the @pd_extra/@pd_help paths in order to reference global help file documentation
*added fftease as a submodule
*fixed cyclone bugs in cartopol~ and poltocar~
*gave coll optional argument to determine whether it should be threaded or not
*updated build process so that one always pulls latest submodules (except for Gem that takes a long time to compile) and added lyonpotpourri into the build process
*fixed focus on open bug
*small typo corrections
*added lyon to default path
*fixed typo in control files
*added git module lyonpotpourri
*updated dependencies that reflect rtcmix~ external needs
*used better output~ abstraction
*removed unnecessary sudo
*further improvements to the help file
*added updated autotune external documentation and improved the external
*added images folder to the extra folder and included autotune documentation image
*improved abstractions in pddp and doc folders
*updated build script (needs testing)
*added rtcmix~ and autotune external to l2ork_addons, updated script to include them in future pd-l2ork builds (needs testing, autotune needs better help file)
*updated cwiid (failed to do this in the last commit)
*added cwiid as a submodule repo (and removed it from the pd-l2ork source)
*added rtcmix-in-pd submodule repo
*added a fallback sr in case everything else fails
*added check whether a window is visible before requesting resizing of a text object box (fixes otherwise benign error reports, Nicola Pandini reported)
*cleaned up cwiid folder for upload to a separate git

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