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Pd-L2Ork 20140319 - Pd-L2Ork Download Page

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Latest Pd-L2Ork, its K12 module, as well as the latest version of Pd-L2Ork for the Raspberry Pi platform that includes comprehensive set of objects for sensing, including GPIO with pulse-width-modulation support, and analog sensor monitoring support (via MCP3008 A/D chip and SPI module). In addition to a slew of bug-fixes and improvements, pd-l2ork’s structures have seen a significant overhaul (thanks to contributions from Jonathan Wilkes and others) now supporting a majority of the SVG spec and allowing for some powerful manipulations of structs inside pd patches. Please note that the structs are still under development, so some instabilities remain. Please note that not all releases will be publicized regularly on this portal, so make sure to check out the L2Ork site for most up-to-date information. Pd-L2Ork typically makes build candidates every couple of weeks.


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