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Pd-L2Ork 20130530

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A major new milestone with a number of new features, including multiconnect, a reworked scrolling algorithm, inaugural release for the Raspberry Pi platform, as well as a bagfull of bugfixes.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

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Change log

*backported tcl updates to properly support updated pddplink
*Fixed bug; hopefully also fixed incorrectly reported hit/selection boxes for nested structs (like the one reported in the previous bug report)
*fixed segfault when closing array window/subpatch due to lack of checking of valid resize/move hook pointers
*added example files for the expanded preset_hub documentation
*fixed accelerated displace bug where nested structs did not get properly tagged/selected
*added ability for preset_hub to write/read presets or entire scenes from files. Improved documentation to reflect new additions and to improve existing.
*fixed erroneous meta file generation script
*numerous bug-fixes for mouse down/up and key press combos (e.g. shift-clicks for multiconnect and dragging within an object)
*added accelerated displace to pddplink
*changed About Pd to About Pd-L2Ork
*Made pddplink color match pd-l2ork
*cosmetic improvements to Scope~ and coll
*improved nlet highlighting (integrated it into glist), fixed bug with multiselect with mixed objects (accelerated and legacy)
*improved scrollbar color selection
*reintroduced cleaned up version of tooltip arrows
*cord inspector is hidden during font scaling
*improved font scaling and made cord inspector appearance consistent with tooltips
*improved font scaling for size 24
*fixed consistency check error for magicGlass (regression)
*fixed k12 shortcuts where secondary menu did not invoke k12 mode
*minor fixes to the K12 library
*added automatic resize of arrays when adding/removing points via ctrl+click, fixed a bug where array is not properly redrawn after a new point is created
*Added support for multiline comments (with some help from Taylor O'Connor and Jean-Philippe Ouellet).
*added multi-connect option with 5 different modes:

1. shift-click manual multi-connect
2. two selected objects multiple outlets to multiple inlets
3. two or more selected objects connecting to one unselected one
4. one unselected connecting to multiple selected ones
5. multiple selected ones connecting to one's multiple inlets OR the other way around (determined on whichever mode gives more valid connections)

Option 1 requires use of shift. Other options are based on what is selected at the time of making the first connection (others are automatically created based on conditions). Later consider adding special undo that undos all connections in one step, rather than multiple steps.
*added ability for gop to intelligently detect when iemgui objects fit (or don't) inside gop window. the same also applies to dynamic changes to iemgui properties (size, font, label, delta, position, etc.)
*made sure that properties windows associated with a patcher that is being closed are also closed at that time.
*added an article to the NaN error report text
*improved pow logic to accept negative numbers and deal correctly with NaN situations
*added proper getrect support for comment objects
*made drag scrolling less cpu hungry and easier to control
*selection box scrolls
*cords in front after iemgui properties apply
*more scrolling improvements
*lowered rate of getscroll when pasting to minimize cpu overhead
*fixed random shifting of scroll when duplicating an object
*proper fix for the crash when closing one of the many concurrently open root patches
*automated installer clean-up for flext
*remaining clean-up and flext integration in the intel/rpi build process
*dependencies update
*updated postlude
*improved shortcuts so that pd-l2ork auto-creates midi ports on start-up
*support for flext and auto-building of fluid~ and disis_munger~
*fixed bug where select all did not work with Console window focused
*fixed regression where windows were not properly raised
*improved window placement logic of new pd windows
*improvements to disis_wiimote to provide unsuccessful attempt at connecting with an explicit 0 from the connect outlet (version bump to 1.0.4)
*fixed stray bugs that were introduced with drawsymbol and resizable fonts and made drawnumber font resizable as well
*made drawsymbol a distinct object that properly opens its help file and also supports resizable fonts
*added input highlighting ability like that of iemgui's number2 to gatom class
*fixed text not getting displaced properly while dragging a scalar (due to incomplete accelerated displace implementation)
*fixed segfault due to delayed freeing of bindlists (necessary to prevent a segfault for dynamically changed sends/receives)
*improvements to the incremental install script
*new/improved icons and color scheme
*fixed typo for the new -r option (RPi build)
*Improvements to the disconnection logic to the disis_wiimote
*made shortcuts more flexible in terms of startup (not forcing JACK, which will help on setups that don't want/need JACK backend), as well as providing intelligent menu shortcuts for ALSA and JACK
*made disis_wiimote statically linked so that new installs do not require install of the custom cwiid library that potentially clashes with other deb-based versions.
*fixed regression from IOhannes' proposed fix (see e7acc4796b655100b650f898bb10687fb9f7355d commit) that affects propagation of scalar pointers through the trigger object. Use scalar-help.pd to test.
*hopefully improved libglew support due to unfortunately named libs that limit their flexible rollout across different versions of Ubuntu (and likely other distros as well)
*hopefully fixed stray iemgui dialog error when returning from the custom color selection dialog
*removed unnecessary canvas_vis consistency check
*fixed erroneous undo behavior after cutting two objects in a row
*added raspbian compile option
*updated moonlib to the latest version and made changes to mknob.c to support accelerated displacing with tag
*fixed midi dialogs
*added ability for select object to recognize bang events
*improved IO Error button on/off handling
*refinements to the memory leak fix that avoid tripping consistency check in the findrtext
*further refined trigger mechanism to offer ability to convert anything->symbol
*implemented improvement for empty lists as suggested by IOhannes
*fixed remaining memory leaks when instantiating/deleting abstractions (see previous commit).
*improved logic for freeing rtext that alleviates memory leak but also does not crash abstractions and gop objects (there are still memory leaks apparent in l2ork_output~ external which may be linked to individual objects having incomplete free functions). See for more info
*Fixed segfault bugs with ascseq and ascwave externals
*fixed memory leak (see
*bug fix
*minor adjustments to the binary script-based installer for the pd~ external support.
*fixed bug where pd-l2ork symlink for pd~ external did not get installed.

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