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Pd-L2Ork 20130223

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A number of improvements and bug-fixes.

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Get Pd-L2Ork 20130223 for Linux (28-32MB)

The main page with download links and supporting documentation/how-tos

Release Notes

Tested with pd 0.43
State Final release
License GPL
Released 2013/02/23

Paves way towards building and integration of all pdp libraries. Clean-up of externals and increased compatibility with pd-extended tcl scripts. More graph-on-parent optimizations and performance improvements, etc.

Change log

*further refinements to the zoom algorithm involving gop subpatchers
*made scrolling algorithm more robust
*cleaned up sequencer help file
*improved/sped-up gop redrawing when using non-accelerated objects
*improved compatibility with 0.43 and 0.44 branches
*removed flatgui due to its buggy nature
*improved modularity of the dev installer
*bug fix
*bug fix
*updated TODO list
*updated pdp_opencv to make it compile with latest version of libs
*bug fix/improvement of select object
*improved fftw3 support
*bugfix (
*added fftw flag
*tree clean-up
*first step towards supporting wiimote plus (does not work yet)
*minor version bump to distinguish it from pd-extended
*added Jonathan Wilkes' canvasinfo and pdinfo externals
*added additional dependency to the control file for the proper pdp build
*improved deb control file and minimized conflicts with other pd distributions
*2nd part of pdp/pidip update (new files)
*updated sigpack and fixed freqshift~ bug
*1st step in syncing latest pdp and pidip with fixes/changes to make it compile on Ubuntu 12.04
*added support for tcl/tk8.6
*improved building of gem2pdp on Arch Linux

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