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Pd-L2Ork and Purr-Data

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A monolithic distribution based on the pd-extended with focus on solid/stable core, enhancements, and usability features including infinite undo, gui-based iemgui object editing, accelerated visual editor and gui operations, improved appearance, K12 education mode, and more. Pd-L2Ork 1.0 was originally developed for Virginia Tech's Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork). The new version 2.0, a.k.a. Purr-Data is developed by Jonathan Wilkes. The project is currently maintained by Ivica Ico Bukvic, Jonathan Wilkes, and Albert Graef.

Current release: Pd-L2Ork and Purr-Data 20151223

Released 2015-12-22 — tested with pd 0.44

Linux Laptop Orchestra's pd-l2ork offers a slew of usability improvements and a large collection of 3rd party externals. This is likely the last major release before transitioning from tkpath onto node-webkit renderer. Please note pd-l2ork continues to be developed on a regular basis with over dozen minor releases since the last major release posted on Once again, tons of new updates, most notably expanded K12 module including Raspberry PI GPIO with comprehensive PWM and I2S support, bunch of small improvements and bug fixes (e.g. comments with endlines or iemgui labels with spaces), documentation improvements, and comprehensive Wiimote support using a custom libcwiid fork (included in the source, also available as a separately downloadable tarball) offering interleaved motion plus and expansion data retrieval, as well as recently added support for the new version of MotionPlus Inside wiimotes. Pd-L2Ork is a monolithic release that includes most of the pd-extended libraries in one convenient package with a growing number of externals having their own standardized help files. In this latest version, pd-l2ork can be installed alongside other pd variants and there are no lingering conflicts between various packages.

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Get Pd-L2Ork and Purr-Data for Linux (28MB)

Ubuntu 15.10 64-bit deb (also available as a source tarball)

Experimental releases

There are no experimental releases available at the moment.

Project Description

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A monolithic distribution based on pd-extended with focus on solid/stable core, enhancements, and usability features including infinite undo, gui-based iemgui object editing, accelerated visual editor, improved appearance, and more. The said distribution is used exclusively by the Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra. The software has been in development since fall 2009 and is currently distributed as an independent fork of pd and pd-extended. All externals' source is fully compatible with Pd-L2Ork and can be compiled without any alterations. Pd-L2Ork is appropriate for Pd newcomers and veterans alike. Its most recent version 2.0, Purr-Data, supports all platforms and introduces a number of GUI improvements, including the use of the Node Webkit. For additional info on Purr-Data visit

Pd-L2Ork also offers a user-friendly K12 mode (see screenshot) geared towards the use in Maker workshops targeting beginners, including elementary and high-school students. The project is known for its nimble development cycle and robust, feature-rich core Pd experience. If interested in contributing to the project, please contact us on the l2ork-dev mailing list.

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