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<p>Have you wanted to be able to grab information from a webpage or HTTP server in PD? It's easy using the HTTP protocol GET request and a tcp networking object, in this case the mrpeach/tcpclient within our simple webclient object, httpget:</p>

"httpget-help screenshot":img:httpgetscreenshot


"httpget.pd":httpget - "httpget-help.pd":httpgethelp

<p>Also, you can more up to date versions in the <a href="">rc-patches on Github</a>.

<h2>How To</h2>
<p>Send the URL you want to get as a message to httpget which grabs the raw page as bytes and outputs it a symbol (text string). Set the End of String (EOS) character if you want to separate the output by new line (10), space (32), tab (9), etc for parsing. See the <a href="">ASCII table</a> for character codes.</p>

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