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  • If giving $0 as an argument to an abstraction, it is always first in the argument list [1]?
    • When possible, pass parent arguments in numeric order, like [child $0 $1 $2 whale hippopotamus] etc.

Send/Receive/Value naming conventions:

  • Sends and Receives are written in camelCase, with "R" appended to complementary receives (e.g. in GUIs, $0mySlider for the send and $0mySliderR for the receive)
  • When prepending $0 to a symbol, only add a "-" to separate it from another number, like [r $0-1stSend]. Otherwise the symbol should immediately follow, like [r $0mySend].
  • When working with stereo, Left and Right pairs are written with Le and Ri appended (to distinguish them from an R denoting "receive", above)

Programming recommendations:

  • To invert a toggle, use [== 0]
  • Use the loadbang of the parent of both abstractions to initialize two or more interdependent abstractions
[1]?I think of this like emulating the "self" convention in Python

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