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Website Howtos, Hints and requests

by Winfried Ritsch last modified 2012-12-24 11:42 PM

text about the puredata website uasage and usability...

Here are some Hints and Helps for Website Editors and Developer. Please just add a comment if you have a request or a tipp, or just add some documents for new info. for a complete list see here .

Helps and cheat sheets

...for users

Howto set member Preferences
Each member has a set of preferences when logged in, how and why to change ist described here
"Howto add standard content"
If you want to addd some satndard content, here is a starting point how to do it.
"Howto publish content"
Here are some hints, but should be better explained...
Image Photo PhotoAlbum Dilemma
Photos und Images wie mach ich das ?
Howto Wiki
If you start a Wiki in your home or in some other place here some tips to customize

...for content editing

An Introduction to Structured Text

ReStructured Text cheat sheet
A short overview of possibilities of the Restructered Text
how to create a link
seems to be easy, but you should think on this rules ... ;-)

...for reviewers

"The Workflow for publishing"
The workflows used and how they are used

...for manager

local roles on this site
which roles exists and what they are for... (to be done)
"Groups editing and the GRUF"
Why the groups and sharing stuff on the documents.. (to be done)

Website Editors

How to access the PD Website
How you can access the Website besides the online editing tools.

PLEASE add requests as COMMENTS

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