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How do I install Pd on MacOS X?

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Download the installer from the downloads page . Make sure you choose the right version, Intel or PowerPC, otherwise it will not run. Once you download the .dmg file, double-click it. It will open a window with the Pd icon. Drag-n-drop the or to /Applications.

If you want to use PDP on Mac OS X 10.4/Tiger or 10.3/Panther, you will need to install X11 (X11 comes installed with 10.5/Leopard). It comes on the install CD/DVD that your computer came with. For more detail, see How to install X11 in OS X

You can also download an old version of X11 from . After installing this, you will need to run Software Update... from the Apple menu in order to get the most recent version. If you don't run Software Update..., it will not work.

Or you can install the open source version of X11 for Mac OS X called XQuartz. You can find it here: XQuartz Releases

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