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Building Externals for Android

Starting with the Android NDK r5, you can use the Android compiler as a standalone compiler. That means you can build externals for use with Pd on Android. You can build libraries that use the MakefileTemplate, this should work on all platforms as long as you set UNAME=ANDROID:

make NDK_BASE=/path/to/android-ndk-r5 UNAME=ANDROID CFLAGS=-I/path/to/pd/src

Embedding Pd into Android Apps

The most common way of building Pd for Android is using libpd embedded into an Android app. There are a number of free, open source apps available. You can find out more here:

Building Pd with no GUI for Android

It is possible to build Pd directly for Android, but it'll only run as a headless UNIX process. Pd is built for Android using the Android NDK (Native Development Kit), which is the Android development environment for building C and C++ code. Here's a rough example of how to build it, if you get this working, please improve this wiki page:

./configure --with-androidversion=android-7

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