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Building Pd-extended 0.43.3 for Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Wheezy)

*Based on Tedbot’s tutorial – updated for Raspbian Wheezy

1. Add repositories for the source to aptitude

  $ sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
2. paste this and save (ctrl+o, Enter)
 deb-src wheezy main contrib non-free rpi
ctrl+x to exit

3. Update aptitude

 $ sudo apt-get update
4. We need to install build packages
 $ sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev build-essential devscripts
5. Get Pd dependencies
 $ sudo apt-get install rsync autoconf libfftw3-dev liblua5.1-0-dev swig libvorbis-dev ladspa-sdk libspeex-dev libmp3lame-dev lua5.1 tcl-dev
6. Get the source code (addresses will most likely change in the future so check the forum if links don't work)
 $ wget
 $ wget
7. untar
 $ tar xjf Pd-extended_0.43.3~20121002-source.tar.bz2
 $ cd pd-extended
 $ tar xjf ../Pd-extended_0.43.3~20121002-source.debian.tar.bz2
 $ cd ..
7. Build pd dependencies
 $ sudo apt-get build-dep puredata gem pdp
8.Remove problematic "-lpd"
 $ nano externals/OSCx/configure
Ctrl+w to search for “-lpd” in “linux:” and remove it

Ctrl+o, then press “Enter” to save

Ctrl+x to exit.

 $nano externals/OSCx/
Search for “-lpd” and perform the same modification

9. let’s build it

 $ cd packages/linux_make
 $ nohup make install > makeinstall.log &
-monitor it
 $ tail –f makeinstall.log

4-5 hrs later it should say: “linux_make install succeeded” Ctrl+c to exit

10. Let’s make the debian package

$ nohup make package > makepackage.log &
-monitor it
$ tail –f makepackage.log

It should say something like: “dpkg-deb: building package pd-extended' in /home/pi/pd-extended_0.43.3/pd-extended/packages/linux_make/Pd-0.43.3-extended-20121010.deb'.” Ctrl+c to exit

11. install (the pd-extended_0.43.3-20121010.deb must match the one just created)

$ sudo dpkg –i Pd-extended_0.43.3-20121010.deb

That should do it! Pd-extended should now be installed. And it should sound like crap.

This is why Miller recommends you run this command:

$ sudo chmod 4755 /usr/bin/pd-extended
Which will give pd root priority (Much better audio output)

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