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See the rsync from the auto-build farm section of GettingPdSource on downloading the Pd distro of your preference, which will contain the auto-build scripts as well. See also the Setting Up Your Machine for Building section of the Developer's Documentation on how to install all of the dependencies before trying to build.

Here is a basic sketch of the auto-build process on the PdLab servers:

on the master server only (debian-stable-i386)

  • run prep-auto-build-upload to setup the 'auto-build' directory for the webpage

  • run pure-data-rsync to rsync the pure-data and pd-gem SVN repositories

  • run pure-data-rsync-checkout to update each folder for each distro

    • this in turn runs which runs svn update everywhere

  • run which creates the latest page

on each build server

  • run run-automated-builder which launches the auto-build script for each distro, and tries to mail the logs on failure

    • e.g. which rsyncs the whole tree to the master server then runs the build in that tree, and finally essays to upload the build

For example, to download and build pd-extended on your machine using the auto-build script:

rsync -av --delete rsync:// pd-extended/


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