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[PourCommencer](fr) - [StartHereJapanese](ja) - [ComeceAqui](pt) - [ComienzaAqui] (es)

If you're just getting started with Pd, read through this page for the basics.

= Getting Started with Pd =

The easiest place to start is to install Pd-vanilla. Versions for all platforms can be downloaded here:

 *[ download Pd-vanilla]

Install Pd-vanilla and launch the application. You'll see the Pd window appear. The Pd window provides helpful feedback but you don't need to pay attention to it right now. Pd-vanilla does not default have all the extra libraries Pd-extended had, but these are easy to install with the Deken tool found at ''Help > Find externals''. 

= Exploring a Patch =

Pure Data files are called "patches". Let's have a look at one. Under the ''Help'' menu in Pd-vanilla, open the ''Pd Help Browser...'', click on the first item in the list, ''Manuals'', then click on ''+ Start Here''. Open the first example patch, '''+start-here.pd''', and follow the three steps listed there.

= Onward =

You're now on your way to programming in Pd. Move on to the [ Pure Data Floss Manual] for a more in-depth introduction.

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