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For Pd-extended 0.43, we are aiming to opening up Pd-extended as much as possible. Part of this process includes assigning maintainers for each included library who are responsible for keeping the library up-to-date and working in Pd-extended.

= Supported libraries =

These are the libraries included in Pd-extended and are currently fully maintained.

 *[ apple] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
The 'apple' library supports specific hardware features of Apple computers.

 *[ bassemu~] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

bassemu~ is an object that simulates a transistor-based electronic synthesizer.

 *[ bsaylor] (Benjamin R. Saylor - Hans-Christoph Steiner)

  *aenv~ is a asymptotic ADSR envelope generator

  *partconv~is an external that implements partitioned fast convolution, suitable for convolving input signals with long impulse responses for reverbs, etc.

  *pvoc~ is a phase vocoder

  *susloop~: sample player with various loop methods (ping-pong, ... )

  *svf~: a signal-controlled port of Steve Harris' state variable filter

  *zhzhx~: Turns the input signal into a staticky, distorted mess.

 *[ chaos] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *creb (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ cyclone]  (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ earplug~] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ ekext] (Ed Kelly)
 *[ freeverb~] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ gem] (!IOhannes m zmoelnig)
 *gem2pdp (Lluis Gómez i Bigordà)
 *[ ggee] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ hcs] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ hid] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ jmmmp] (João Pais)
 *log (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ mapping] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ markex] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ maxlib] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ mjlib] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ moonlib] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ motex] (Iain Mott)
 *net (Martin Peach)
 *[ osc] (Martin Peach)
 *[ pan] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ pddp] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ pdogg] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ pdp] (Lozenzo Sutton)
 *[ purepd] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ smlib] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *testtools (Katja Vetter)
 *[ unauthorized] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ vanilla] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ vbap] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *[ zexy] (!IOhannes m zmoelnig)

== Loaders ==
 *[ libdir] (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *hexloader (!IOhannes m zmoelnig)
 *pdlua (Martin Peach)
 *tclpd (Federico Ferri)

== Supported docs ==
 *Cognition (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *Message Oddness (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *pddp tutorials (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *pd-msg (Hans-Christoph Steiner)
 *!PlayNow (Hans-Christoph Steiner)

= Unsupported, included libraries =

These are libraries we hope to keep in Pd-extended 0.43, but currently do not have a maintainer.  They will remain in Pd-extended as long as they work, but if they break, they will be dropped unless a maintainer takes them on. Please sponsor these libraries and become the maintainer if you find them valuable.  This is how we can ensure that they stay working well in Pd-extended.  Email [ pd-dev] if you are interested in helping.

 *[ adaptive] (adaptive systems and filters - Georg Holzmann/Gerda Strobl)

An adaptive system tries to learn from signals of the past. Mostly it is a simple FIR filter, whoes coefficients can be learned to model or predict an other system.
Some applications: system identification, echo cancellation, linear prediction, interference cancellation, self-tuning control, ...

 *[ boids]
 *[ cxc]
 *[ ext13]
 *[ plugin~]
 *[ pmpd]
 *[ rtc] (for algorithmic composition - Karlheinz Essl)
 *[ sigpack]
 *[ windowing]

== Unsupported included docs ==

= Libraries which are being removed in 0.43 =

There are various reasons that some libraries are probably best not included.  If you believe otherwise, you can take on the maintenance of these libraries.

 *Externals-HOWTO (''doesn't build on Windows and available online'')
 *flatspace (''giant ugly kludge'')
 *memento (''relies on ![pool] which is not included'')
 *memento-p (''relies on ![pool] which is not included'')
 *nqpoly4 (''broken installation'')
 *nqpoly~ (''broken installation'')
 *nusmuk (''upstream reorganized it into separate libraries'')
 *pidip (''non-free license'')
 *puremeasurement (''distributed as a standalone app'')

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