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=== Possible Mentors ===

 *Georg Holzmann
 *Jamie Bullock

=== Description ===

[ LV2] is the new emerging standard for audio plugins. It is an extensible successor of [ LADSPA], intended to address the limitations of LADSPA which many applications have outgrown. It would be nice to have an LV2 host in Pd, similar to the already existing hosts for [ LADSPA] and [ DSSI].

Fortunately there exists a library for LV2 host development, called [ SLV2]. SLV2 is a portable C library to simplify the discovery, loading, and use of LV2 plugins and includes also an example of a simple jack plugin host.

Goals of this project:

 *write a LV2 plugin host Pd external using the SLV2 library
 *the interface should be as close as possible to the already existing   [ dssi~ external]   and [ plugin~ external]

Resources to start:

 * : a tutorial on how to write  C externals for pure data
 * :   documentation of the [ SLV2 library]
 * :   simple jack host example using the SLV2 library
 * :   code of Pd's current LADSPA plugin host
 * :   code of Pd's current DSSI plugin host

=== Required Skills ===

 *good C programming knowledge
 *an understanding of the basics of audio plugins 

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