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=== Possible Mentors ===

 *Hans-Christoph Steiner

 *Georg Holzmann

 *Ben Bogart

=== Description ===

Pd comes with a quite limited set of GUI objects. Some additional GUI externals exist (e.g. knob, iemgui, ...), but a more complete and easy to use library should be written to build fancy user interfaces.  All GUI objects in pd are written with the cross-platform [ Tcl/Tk] toolkit.

The inspiration for new objects can come from similar programs (e.g. [ "Max/MSP"]) and should be discussed with the mentors and at the mailing list. Furthermore all objects should be graph-on-parrent capable and cross-platform.

Resources to start:

 * : a tutorial on how to write C externals for pure data
 * :  the framework for a library based on Tcl/Tk's built-in widgets
 * :  the iemgui externals, the code can be used to study how to write GUI externals for pd
 * : files starting with *g_* are pds original GUI objects
 * : documentation/tutorial for Tcl/Tk

=== Required Skills ===

 *C programming
 *willing to dive into Tcl/Tk

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