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== Choosing a Project ==

To start with, check out the [GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas2009] page and see if you want to work on any of the proposed projects.  These projects have been put together by the mentors and the community, so they are projects that many people think are good ones.  When you have an idea for which project you want to work on, post to the [ mailing lists], [ IRC], or the [ forum] to get feedback from the community, and make sure there isn't too much duplication.

If you would like to propose your own idea, post to one of the above forums to see if there is an interest in the community for your idea.  If so, create a wiki page on the [GoogleSummerOfCodeIdeas2009] page about your project idea.  

From here, you can then start building your application.  Feel free to ask on any of the forums for assistance with your application, from editing to advice. The project idea page will be used by the community to keep track of all of the projects through the whole process, from application to development to completion.

== Getting Help ==

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have in any of the community forums, be it [ IRC], [ mailing lists], or the [ forum].  Remember, by applying to the GSoC program, you are helping to build Pd, so we want to help you succeed!

Google has a lot of information about applying to the GSoC program on their [ Advice for GSoC Students Page]. 

== Application Requirements ==

Your proposal should answer these questions.  It does not need to be long, but you should cover it all.  You can either directly answer each the questions below, or write a text that covers the questions.

 *What city do you live in? (we hope to match students and mentors who are physical close, if possible, but this isn't part of the selection criteria.)
 *Detailed description of what you intend to do including the desired result
 *Project Schedule: How long will the project take? When can you begin work?
 *Availability: How many hours per week can you spend working on this? What other obligations do you have this summer?
 *Bio: How did you get involved in Pd?  What do you use Pd for? What makes you a good fit for this project?
 *Do you have a preferred/suggested mentor for your project?
 *Do you have has reservations about your code being used by the community?
 *Have you put any code or writing that you've authored online? If so, please provide links.
 *Are there any other questions we should we have asked you? 


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