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=== Possible Mentors ===

 *Hans-Christoph Steiner
 *IOhannes m zmölnig

=== Description ===
!PDa is a port of Pure Data that runs on embedded Linux platforms like Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's), made by Günter Geiger.The homepage of the project is

!PDa is not just a fresh compile of Pd for PDA's. It is fundamentally distinct from Pd in that it uses fixed point arithmetic instead of floating point in its signal calculations. For the implementation side this means that all signal processing (tilde) objects were rewritten in order to do their calculations with fixed point numbers. !PDa was based on Pd version 0.37.4.  The focus of this project is incorporate the code from latest Pd into !PDa, so that the new features can be used also on PDA's.

This project would be a good introduction to the core source code.

 * : the !PDa source tree in git
 * : main Pd source tree

=== Required Skills ===
 *a workable knowledge of C and building C using makefiles
 *moderate skill with Pd to build and test Pd patches
 *prior experience with`git` will be very useful
 *openembedded experience a plus, but not required

=== Possible Breakdown of Steps ===

This project could be broken down into chunks of features.  For example adding the '''list''' object would be a good place to start, since it is just one file, `x_list.c`.  Then it would be possible to work through different chunks of functionality.  If things go very well, then some new signal objects could be ported to the integer-style PDa DSP engine.

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