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  • a concept or object type should not be used in a tutorial patch before it has been introduced. This mostly affects intro tutorials
  • I think the guts should always be hidden in a subpatch. Only the essential elements to illustrate the principal should be on screen. That way it makes the overall page look much less intimidating. The idea is to have each patch as simple as possible so that its very approachable. Then, if people are curious, they can open the guts.

Comment: When a patch gets too complicated subpatches can be used. The contents of the subpatch should not contain anything that has not already been introduced. Ideally the contents of the subpatch would simply be a patch that has already been discussed which makes the parent patch an expansion or fusion of previous ideas (patches) -Ben

  • I then all help and tutorial patches should all fit on 800x600 at least, maybe even 640x480. Pd can run on old computers, which may be in use in many parts of the world. Ideally, the Pd tutorials would be visible on a computer than can run Pd.

Comment: Its very hard (maybe impossible) to have a single patch readable at both 640x480 and 1280x1024. I would argue for smaller than 1024x768, aiming for 800x600 if possible. -Ben

  • Credits: I think we should have one page that lists all of the contributors to Pd tutorials. Then, on each tutorial page, or maybe just on the table of contents of each tutorial, there would be a [pddplink]? to the credits page.
  • The tutorial Style should include the [META ]? subpatch containing comments describing the keywords of that patch. This would be identical to the new draft PDDP template and would allow tutorials to be searched by keyword along with help PD patches.

Related Patches in CVS

The PDDP style guide should be developed to be the standard for all of this. You can see some preliminary sketches here:



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