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         _Existing PD Workshops:_ 

         * "pd-lecture":

         * "pd-lecture v2 in progress":

             * Critique Points:

         * "pd-lecture v2.1 in progress":

             * Critique Points:

         _Tutorial Structure w/out instructor:_

         * Table of Contents (Master Table w/out GOPS visible) Should be in HTML?

                 * Sections

                         * Pages

         _Tutorial Structure with instructor:_

         * Index contains visible GOPs for each section covered.

                 * Pages

         _Tutorial Structure Notes:_

         * Contents is a list of all sections, w/out GOP

         * An Index contains multiple Sections.

         * Each Section is a GOP that contains multiple Pages

                  * Within each section we can navigate that section: 

                                * Next Page

                                * Previous Page

                                * Back to Index

                                * Jump to [blank]

         * META? Should/could they be indexed and searched?

         * Requirments:

                 * pddplink must work in GOP

                 * Section units could be easily be droped in and even dynamically grouped 

         _Types of Workshops:_

         * 1 session, 2-5 session, 10-15 session

         * Image / Sound / Networks / Physical Media

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