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The PDDP patches could be broken down into three categories.

reference (*-help.pd)

draft reference designs

This patch would have a mostly text-based explanation of the inlets, outlets, and arguments. A simple example is also appropriate. At the bottom are links to further information and examples.

doc/pddp/float-help.pd is a good example of this

allabout (*-about.pd)

This patch is organized around a single concept rather than a single object. It outlines many ways to approach the concept with text, examples, and links to related PDDP files and objects.

doc/pddp/all_about_looping.pd is a good example of content. doc/pddp/all_about_data_types is an example, (but not quite finished)

tutorial (*-tutorial.pd)

Tutorials, modular subsets of workshops.

Check out the workshop pages:



-examples -- Tue, 29 Nov 2005 20:18:41 +0100 reply
Do we really need these? should tutorials, all-about and -reference be enough?

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