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the knowledge networking award seems doable. I think it is perfect for our situation.

here is what I think should go into the application (which is also a todo list):

draft for writings

  • about us (who is in the team, how big are we, what is our turnover, in which countries are we, how big are we in other countries, how much in percentage is in the US, how much outside, how much money is included, who sponsors our work, who is employed, who is free lancer, how big is the percentage in innovation and research, how much education, how much is management (20% management is reasonable)...)
  • how long will our project go, when does it start, when will it end
  • short explanation of the project, short explanation of Pd, what is the technological state of the art, which are comparable projects, what makes us unique.
  • detailed description of the project, stress out the innovation and uniqueness of our project.
  • talk about used technologies
  • what problems are we facing?
  • what is the economic aspect of the project? will it be sustainable in the future? who else on the market is doing similar stuff, what will be the effects for competition?
  • working schedule
  • budget


  • CHANGE THE NAME PDDP!!! we cannot apply with a "documentation" project...
  • write about the many things that you can do with Pd
  • our project is much bigger than $ 30.000, so we should envision a bigger goal and continuity in general but apply for a very concrete autonomous project inside the big idea for which we would need the money.
  • less is more. I made the experience that it is better to have a solid (not to cheap!!!) project, which is small, but likely to be completed.
  • pd documentation project also teaches people to create their own abilities to become teachers themselves. pd is a tool for teaching teachers, because people get involved in the teaching process (wiki, pd patch=also help/example patch...).

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