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Possible classes to describe the function of PD externals:

  • Control
    • Flow (bang, trigger, spigot ...)
    • Math (float, +-*/ == <= ...)
    • Lists (pack, unpack, glue ...)
    • Symbols (makesymbol, makefilename ...)
    • MIDI (notein, ctlin ...)
    • Data-structures (...)
    • Database (pool, qlist? textfile? ...)
  • Signal
    • Flow (dac~, adc~, sig~. )
    • Generators (osc~, cos~, phasor~ ...)
    • Tables (tabread, tabwrite, soundfiler...)
    • Filters (env~, vcf~ ...)
    • FFT & Audio Math (fft~, clip~ ...)
  • Graphics
    • Pixel Inputs (pdp_qt, pix_video)
    • Pixel Filters (pdp_convolve, pix_negative)
    • Pixel Outputs (pdp_xv, pix_write, pix_draw)
    • GemChains? (pdp2gem, translate, rotate ...)
    • Lighting (light, world_light)
    • Particle (part_*)
    • Vertex (vertex_*)

This first effort is multiple-level since I don't think a flat list of functional keywords will have a valuable granularity. No class list is perfect and things belong to any catagory only to some degree. Nevertheless such a structure breaks up the massive list of PD externals in a meaningful way to novice users. Please contribute!

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