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The search path for loading libraries in Pd is currently quite messy and hard to figure out.  This page is a place to organize ideas about how it should be structured.

== Proposed Functionality ==
   for path in paths do -- the core does this bit
     for loader in loaders do
       loader(path, library, object)

== Existing Functionality ==
  for loader in loaders do
    for path in paths do -- the loader does this bit
      loader(path, library, object)

== Use Cases ==

== include libs in project folder ==

In this example project, it uses the `sssad` library for state-saving as well as the `sssadgui` library of GUI objects that are already hooked up to sssad.  The project itself depends on `sssad` library and the `sssadgui` library also depends on `sssad`.  So the `sssad` lib should be shared by both:


== Examples from other languages ==

=== Python ===

 *the current dir '.' is always searched first, no matter what the path:

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