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PrutalDruth, a social event, something like StammTisch.

RealTime? personality-editing and natural language information retrieval.

KeyWords? / Topics include but are not limited to: Pd / PureData SuperCollider Maxers are also allowed. internode-communication with OpenSoundControl and/or other protocols ExternalProgramming CVS consultation * DrinkFest?

--------------------------------------------------- '''version 0.05''': 20030614, Saturday

time: ~1900

x-location: bootlab

  • bring your laptops there will be knoppix cds from 2100 there ll be a stream that can be reworked live and sent back. * everything will be broadcast on radio though juni-radio!

--------------------------------------------------- '''version 0.04p1''': 20030123

time: ~2000

replacement date for v0.04. unsync with StammTisch but hopefully some streaming feeds from zurich / .ch.

X-location: URL Berlin HQ, 1st floor. Ackerstr. 19 / Remise A / 10115 Berlin - Mitte

add your stuff here ...

I'm coming --FrankBarknecht

--------------------------------------------------- '''version 0.04''': preview synced with PureDate? / StammTisch on 20030115


--------------------------------------------------- '''version 0.03''': impurity to the power of NaN?

on general agreement and after more initiation of interesting polylogues another sesshin has been set.

date: friday 20th Dec 2002, 1930 CET

location: URL Berlin HQ, 1st floor

ackerstr. 19 / remise a / mitte

programme / schedule

  • chat-to-speech testing more OSC crossfeed demos + experiments checkout more locations and occasions for this.self();


'''version 0.02''': impure dataflow

new date: Friday 6th Dec 2002, 1900 CET


HOTEL Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Photographie und Architektur im ehemaligen Glaslager

Alte Jakobstraße 124-128 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg




'''version 0.01''': INIT

proposed TimeSlots?: * Thu 2002-10-03 19:00

proposed Locations: * Restaurant Kürbis / ackerstr. 155, mitte NBI ? ???

maybe something informal to start with, if its interesting we can look for a real location to also do performances etc ...

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