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!!This is a quick intro tutorial for PD.%%% Michal Seta, 2001 %%% Conventions used in this tutorial:%%% "[metro":[metro - text in square brackets represents a PD object. It could appear with parameters ie. "[tabwrite foo":[tabwrite foo%%% This tutorial will not cover issues regarding installation of pd. That information is available in various sources including the distributions and mailing-list archives. One should also consult the man pages that come with PD because I might not talk about certain issues which are covered in the documentation. The documentation is fairly complete now, so go ahead and read it.%%% !Intro FROM jATIN Let's start with some basics. Hopefully you know about basic sound synthesis, perhaps you've used an analog synth or one of the FM synthesizers that allowed for some tweaking. If you have no idea you should probably go to (especialy the Synth and the Computers sections) or some other place (I will put some links here) for an intro. ---- '''Next:''' PdTutorialBasicElements ----

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