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**this stuff is now included in Pd-extended!  Check the Help Browser, under manuals -> pd-msg.**

Some documentation about internal Pd messages.

 * This has been edited - please update tar file.<br/> (more up-to-date)

This Document's favorite place is /doc/7.Stuff/pdmsg/0.intro.txt .

It should work on all platforms supported by Pd.

A brief resume :

1) Internal Pd messages are sent directly to pd (pd selector) or
   to a loaded patch (pd-patch.pd selector).
   All msgs must be terminated by ";"
   Test msgs with:
    TkPd File menu : message
    pdsend executable
    tclsend2pd in  /pdmsg/4.msg_from_tcl/ .

  These msgs allows you (for example):
    To control pd without the gui :
      Take advantage of the no-gui option
        open a patch via socket... (tcl, python, sh, c++,...)
        modify or create new patch
      Create patch that will create another
        Deals with massive polyphonie (100 osc~ or more...)
        load patches from another
        construct generative patch
      Create new gui

2) List of msgs (* are documented below):

  Messages to pd:

        init      "gimme":gimme

        filename  "symbol":symbol "symbol":symbol

    *   open      "symbol":symbol "symbol":symbol

    *   quit

        foo       "gimme":gimme

    *   dsp       "gimme":gimme

        meters    "float":float

        key       "gimme":gimme

    *   audiostatus



 messages to canvas:

    *   obj       "gimme":gimme

    *   msg       "gimme":gimme

    *   floatatom "gimme":gimme

    *   symbolatom "gimme":gimme

    *   text      "gimme":gimme

    *   graph     "gimme":gimme

    *   array

    *   scalar    "gimme":gimme

        bng       "gimme":gimme

        toggle    "gimme":gimme

        vslider   "gimme":gimme

        hslider   "gimme":gimme

        radio     "gimme":gimme

        vumeter   "gimme":gimme

        mycnv     "gimme":gimme

    *   connect   "float":float "float":float "float":float "float":float

    *   restore   "gimme":gimme

        write     "symbol":symbol "defsymbol":defsymbol

        read      "symbol":symbol "defsymbol":defsymbol

        mergefile "symbol":symbol "defsymbol":defsymbol


    *   click     "float":float "float":float "float":float "float":float

    *   mouseup   "float":float "float":float "float":float

    *   key       "gimme":gimme

    *   motion    "float":float "float":float "float":float

    *   print     "symbol":symbol

    *   menusave

    *   menusaveas

    *   menuclose "deffloat":deffloat

    *   saveto    "symbol":symbol "symbol":symbol

    *   cut

    *   copy

    *   paste

    *   duplicate

    *   selectall

    *   tidy

    *   texteditor

    *   editmode  "deffloat":deffloat

        protectmode  "deffloat":deffloat

    *   print     "symbol":symbol

    *   pop       "deffloat":deffloat

    *   loadbang

    *   relocate  "symbol":symbol "symbol":symbol

    *   menufont

    *   font      "float":float "float":float "float":float

    *   find      "gimme":gimme

    *   findagain

    *   findparent

    *   vis       "float":float

        properties  "float":float "float":float

        help      "float":float "float":float

        arraydialog  "symbol":symbol "float":float "float":float "float":float

        map       "float":float


        intatom   "gimme":gimme

        atom      "gimme":gimme

3) Map of documentation :


    Describes msgs that can be sent to patch.

    Contains Pd files


    Describes msgs that can be sent to pd.

    Contains Pd files


    A sh scrip using pdsend to create patch into pd.

    pdscript written by Guenter Geiger.

    Contains readme + files.


    Describes usage of tcl/tk to create, open patch, etc...


    Contains example of how a "obj x y myOsc~" message can be used
    to deal with massive polyphonie

4) Releases :

  release 0.5 : pd-msg_05.tar.gz

    add some more msg.

    Thanks to Krzysztof Czaja

    all msg are listed for pd0.34

  release 0.4 : pd-msg_04.tar.gz

    add many message :

      the events messages

      the menu messages

      the cut msg, etc...

    complete the polyphonie example

  release 0.3 : pd-msg

    Rearrange patch & examples in different directory.

    add polyphonie examples

    add tcl scripts...

  release 0.2 : self-generation

    add messages to open and close patch.

  release 0.1 : self-construction

    first release

5) To do list :

  Some msg are not well explained or not explained at all.

6) Reference :

  Look @ the end of code of g_canvas.c in the source directory.

Damien HENRY

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