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*** This Wiki was imported from an old phpwiki site so some links and formats are broken.
    I suggest just correct things in here or better put them in another place or delete them
    if they are mentioned double. I think this wiki is here just for historical reasons ***


This is the !WikiWikiWeb for PureData Pd -- a
real-time music and multimedia environment written by
"Miller Puckette":

! PdAnnounce

 * The newest stable version of Pd is "here at ucsd":

 * the community site of pd is "":/

 * Pd and Gem have now different URL's at the IEM-space

   * Pd: "":

   * GEM: "":

 * "Pd external HOWTO":


 places + times where Pd- and likeminded beings meet, on-, off- or in-line.

"Pure Data":FrontPage

 Read the docs here and help write them if you find something undocumented.

 * What does "Pd":Pd stand for?

 * Where can I find PureDataOnTheWeb?

 * How do I start with Pd ?

 * Is there a PdTutorial?

 * Documentation about PdInternalMessages

 * PDDP_ReferenceFiles

 * How do I [optimize] Pure Data?

 * StartPdOnWindows or StartPdOnLinux

 * "Pd external HOWTO":

  how to write an external for PureData

  also available as

   * English "pdf":

   * English "ps":

   * English "html": gnuzipped

   * Deutsch "pdf":

   * Deutsch "ps":

PureData Misc Topics


PureData Externals in Development

 Put your externals here

 * A lot of externals now also reside in the PureDataCvs at "Sourceforge":

 * ComPort a serial object for Unix+NT

 * "Framestein":, process images and video with Pd

 * "Xgui": an eXperimental GUI for pure-data (previously called "seg")

 * "xsample":, a collection of sample objects for pd and Max/MSP

 * "mjLib":, a small but growing collection of objects designed for making music machines

 * "footils":, various patches and externals, e.g. FM synthesis, buzz~, knob,... and some music tracks.

 * "OSC":, OpenSoundControl for talking to other DSP nodes over IP.

 * "moonlibs":, some externals to make life on Pd/linux easier (controllers in subpatch boxes, 
GTK wrapping for xinput and file selection...)
 * "bitmap":, BitMap external which can read 8bit and 16bit png files

 * "GrIPD":, networked GUI editor and run-time environment

 * "modbus":, i/o with modbus-tcp controller

 * "sIgpAck":, some dsp objects

 * "Vst~":Vst~ VST(i) Plugins in Pd

 * "Freeserve":, some dsp objects

PureData Projects

 Put your projects here...

 * NervOs

 * OuroborosComplex

 * "flext":flext

 * MorePdProjects

 * PdComunitySite  - the project

 * Pd ShortExamples (deutsch)

"patches forum":patches forum

  put your patches here

About this page

 * WhyThePdWiki

From swannvolant Thu May 26 12:52:56 +0200 2005
From: swannvolant
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 12:52:56 +0200
Subject: Problème de vidéo en temps réel avec le GEM0.90 sous PureData 0.38 sous Windoze.
Message-ID: <20050526125256+0200@>

Objet : Problème de vidéo en temps réel avec le GEM0.90 sous PureData 0.38 sous Windoze.


Voila J’ai un petit soucis avec le GEM version 9 concernant le branchement d’une caméra de type canon mv6i en temps réel (via ieee1394).
Mon souci est : dès que je branche le caméscope et que j’ouvre le  « pix_videoDS.pd » ou autre chose concernant la vidéo dans le gem, pure data quitte inopinément. J’ai  déjà eu ce problème pour l’import de vidéo type « avi » trop grande pour pure data, mais là, l’image qui sort de mon caméscope est au minimum 160/220 pixel. Je passe par le port ieee1394 ou par usb qui logiquement sont acceptés par le gem, mais tout plante systématiquement (même en passant par le « directShow » du fichier d’aide). J’ai aussi eu recourt à l’objet « pix_resize » mais rien, toujours la plantade.

Quelqu'un peut il m’apporter de l’aide ?

From nekomook Mon Oct 17 14:56:43 +0200 2005
From: nekomook
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:56:43 +0200
Subject: puredata forum~ back
Message-ID: <>

it is now on this url:

From Jay_m Fri Aug 25 19:57:12 +0200 2006
From: Jay_m
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 19:57:12 +0200
Subject: tablet
Message-ID: <20060825195712+0200@>

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