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comport is an external which can handle the serial interfaces

- Hints for ComportUsage

- download:

 comport is hosted in the pure-data Subversion repository:


  or browse svn

 old versions:

Version now in CVS is 1.0RC1

  in cvs only

- Usage:

  To use just put the comport.dll in a path pd knows about or specify
  the path to it on the command line with the -path option.
- Discussion:

 It is tested on Linux and NT using the flock of bird device !

 Linux: works fine, but hardware handshake is not tested. Create an object named comport or specify a commandline option "-lib comport" and it should load. For testing open the test pd-file testcomport.pd, it also shows tested

 WINDOWS: I compiled it with VisualC++ 6.0 using the makefile and nmake

- Please help:

Since I am no W*nd*ws-Guru: There is in the MS-Help mentioned that
using this kind of !ReadFile(...) function could block. Since I set
the timeouts to zero it works ok on my machines. I have tried the
Eventhandler-Wait-Stuff but didnt succeed with that.

Notes from you:

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