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-From cuinjune Sat Sep 6 19:32:46 +0200 2014
-From: cuinjune
-Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2014 19:32:46 +0200
-Subject: Hey Guys!!
-Message-ID: <20140906193246+0200@>
-My name is Zack.
-I'm a Pd/GEM user who lives in Copenhagen.
-I'm currently attending the startup accelerator program at Startupbootcamp which is located at Landemærket 8, 1. floor, 1119, Copenhagen K.
-I would like to meet with you guys sometime for coffee and hope to get some advice from you regarding pd & GEM and my startup business.
-I would really appreciate if any of you guys can give me an hour to meet with you in any day you are available.
-Thank you in advance and I look forward hearing back from you.
-My email:
-Best Regards

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