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by dagmar eberhardt last modified 2004-10-03 07:42 PM

some words about ...

Most of the photos are made by uwe vollmann, some are made by myself, dagmar eberhardt, and all are selected by me, from a really broad range of photos. I guess I´ve to apologize for my bad english at the, well, I´m trying to write english, but the style is really not satisfying, I know that. The missing text will be set in within the next days. Primary, in this short time, I considered it more important to show some photos just in order to fix the memory a litte bit on all the things going on in this pd-week. About the texts : of course I will give (or have already given) just a few impressions of my very own of all these mostly technical stuff, and as I´m not a technician, so -well- my understandig might be deeply wrong. But this is not the goal/ or intention of the chronic to give an summary of content of lectures. There will be enough documentation on all the things worked out anyway, made from the people who were working on it (the developers). I focuss surely on the theoretics, and if I have the time, I will write somehow a "meta_view", a kind of summarizing impression of all the discussions made. Chronik der Convention

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