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  • high-level video processing with PDP/P.i.D.i.P
  • graphical sound processing objects for PD : unauthorized PD
  • PD and open-source web development ( no flash, no java ) pdweb : DHTML/OSC components for controling a PD based web site : example : multimedia geo interfaz : gollum ( ) wwwlib : objects library for handling web data ( to be confirmed, if finished on time)


"The Aesthetics Of Our Anger" :

Audio/visual live performance, with a focus set on the themes of oppression, repression and immigration.

Visual genre : mental manipulation techniques ( propaganda, ... ), visual skeezophrenia

Audio genre : harsh noise

( hardware requests : 2 video projectors and a sound system )


Yves Degoyon, a.k.a. d.R.e.G.S :

Musician, experimental sounds produced with Pure Data

Author of open-source software for audio within the frame of Pure Data, Unauthorized PD :

Author of open-source software for video within the frame of Pure Data, P.i.D.i.P. :

Interactive audiovisual installations ( Palais de Tokyo, La Gaité Lyrique )

Worked for the theater ( Jean Michel Bruyère ) and with choregraphers ( Christine Graz )

Member of several hacktivist projects :, indymedia barcelona, indymedia estrecho.

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