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tag: tom schouten planetary cycle counter: somewhere around 28*365 current mode: open source dsp geek other modes: audiovistual artist motto: the truth is in the machine, as long as it works

my interests are mainly in music, video and computer software and hardware. but more about the interaction between them. other interests include math, physics, evolutionary biology, psychology and philosophy of mind.

seriously, i'm interested in structure and deconstruction of this structure, or: "structure can only be beatiful when understood" vs. "deconstruction can only be beatiful when not understood". this boils down to aestetics and the relation with tension between control and understanding on one side, and lack of control and understanding on the other side.

on a more pragmatic level: i like to write very structured applications or extensions to applications to use them to make strange automata and noise experiments, with sporadic excursions into more structured musical forms. it's all a synergy of math, code and chaotic systems.


PD extensions (creb and pdp)


online music projects BULT with Yves Degoyon (fr):

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