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PD~Convention Graz / Processing with Pure Data in the Public Domain

 (a cooperation of CC, ESC, IEM, the Medienkunstlabor, and, June 2004

First international meeting of pd-developers, users, and theorists in Graz, Austria, September/October 2004

Convention organisation

 Reni Hofmüller and Michael Pinter
 Leitnergasse 7/P
 8010 Graz
 Austria, Europe
 phone: +43 316 82 14 51 33


 The city of Graz has a broad tradition in the development and exploration of new directions in contemporary art.  Thanks to the    encouraging combination of performance, production, and development of art in Graz, a lively artistic scene in the city is dealing with current developments in technology and the arts.

The people behind

 They form the basis of the huge interest in Pure Data that can be witnessed in Graz. The Institute of Electronic Music (IEM), with its unique developers and artists like Winfried Ritsch, Thomas Musil, or Johannes Zmölnig, is one of the renomated academic centers at Graz. As an independent counterpart serves the lively scene of PD users in Graz with artists like reMI (Renate Oblak and Michael Pinter), Nicole A. Pruckermayr, Lukas Gruber, and Ales Zemene, to name only a few.

Project Partners / organizations

 The city of Graz can consider itself lucky that besides the academic connection and the independent artistic scene, there are several institutions located in the city, which have been facing the challenge of arts in the context of technology for years. For the first PD convention in Graz, the following project partners could be won:

 - ESC (

 - CC (

 - Institute of Electronic Music (IEM) (

 - Medienkunstlabor (MKL) ( at the Kunsthaus Graz (


 Within the cooperation the different infrastructure and focuses of the named organizations will considered.


 PD is one of the liveliest software-developments of the last years with broad use in artistic applications. Thus the development of the software has moved in so many different directions that it seems to be necessary to bring together developers, users, and recipients, to avoid a break-up. The experience of the last years has shown, that at important stages of development, it makes sense to bring the people behind together at the same physical place. Besides technical experts, important persons from the fields of art, media theory, and philosophy are invited to Graz, to offer broader opportunities of reflection, which is the purpose of this first PD-convention in Graz.


 - experts' lectures @ IEM

 - different events @ Medienkunstlabor (concerts etc.)

 - highlevel/abstract works @ ESC

 - discussion

 - opportunities for exchange of knowledge, people, thoughts, etc.


 The broad mixture of lectures and discussions with experts, working situations, artistic presentations and audience-orientated events aims at two intentions:

 - the re-etablishing of technical standards for further developments

 - the exploration of this new form of art for artists and the interested public


 To encourage the exploration and reflection of this artistic field, the results of the convention will be collected in a publication.


 In cooperation with Armin Medosch and Franz Xaver, another, broader publication dealing with the historical development of signal  processing software tools will be created.

 Reni Hofmüller, Michael Pinter, Peter Plessas, Winfried Ritsch, IO hannes Zmoelnig, Franz Xaver

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