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please edit here and post your cv (if possible in english)


cv --jhofbauer, Sun, 15 Aug 2004 13:21:39 +0200 reply

Jürgen Hofbauer, author, theorist, composer, co-founder of the Viennese

record label Niesom

1997: Study of Philosophy at the University of Vienna

1999: Release: Aber das Leben lebt "Rectangles and Triangles as Signs for Love and Pain" (Höllering). First international performances with Aber das Leben lebt.

2000: Release: Aber das Leben lebt "Sorrow Beat" (Trost)

2001: Release: Aber das Leben lebt "Masterpieces of Human Sounds" (Trost)

Released in the same year: "Masterpieces of Human Sounds - Manifest on (electronic) Music" (Short version published in Skug 50/02, long version broadcasted on ORF-FM4)

May 2002: Final examinations and diploma thesis: An analysis of Heidegger's Nietzsche Interpretations

September 2002: PhD "Wagner`s Tannhäuser and Nietzsches Concept of Superman - Rearranged" at the Institute of Philosophy in Vienna, Supervisor Professor Richard Heinrich

November 2002: Co-founder of the label Niesom. 11 releases so far. Theoretical Supervision of the label.

Niesom`s Position: focussing on anti-music, interdisciplinary art, exploited history and the rigorous destruction of aesthetic monopolies. For this purpose niesom collaborates closely with a.o. charhizma, aRtonal recordings, trost, keplar and mego.

2003: Release: Aber das Leben lebt: "Aesthetics of the Seventies" (Niesom)

2004: Release of the first solo record: Jürgen Hofbauer "5 late songs/Liebesfeuertracks" (Niesom). European tour.

July2004: Release: Aber das Leben lebt "We can't turn down the love songs" (7" vinyl - Niesom)

Artist in Residence at Hotel Pupik, Schrattenberg


Autumn 2004: New release by Aber das Leben lebt "Perfect teen", featuring special guests Bernhard Fleischmann and Christof Kurzmann. European Tour.

Spring 2005: Completion and publication of dissertation.

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