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One of the following

  • "Really-Realtime Text-To-Speech Synthesis": experiences with ratts and Pd.
  • "Music as a Formal Language": a cookbook for the shameless misuse of linguistically motivated algorithms and data structures for the generation of odd noises.

Workshop (?):

If desired, I could conceivably offer a workshop on text-to-speech synthesis with Pd, touching on ratts , flite , and festival , by way of SayWhat .

Concert/Performance (?):

"Hour of Babble" (well, probably not that long, really)

  • Nigh unto incessant live-generated synthetic chatter converging to chaos.


  • Developer of open-source software for audio and language processing,
  • Author of ratts , "Realtime Analogue Text-To-Speech" external library for Pd, based on Nick Ing-Simmons' rsynth .
  • Generally underspecified aural hacker.

Academic Bio:

  • 2003-2004 Instructor and PhD student, Institute for Linguistics, University of Potsdam, Germany
  • 2002-2003 Research Assistant, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences
  • 1996-2002 Diplom Computational Linguistics, University of Potsdam, Germany
  • 1992-1996 BA Philosophy, Northwestern University, USA

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